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News: Klaus Teuber announces the release of The Princes of Catan, a remake of the popular Catan Card Game, scheduled for release in September 2010. Go to the forum and discuss it!


The Settlers of Catan board game was created by Klaus Teuber in 1995. Starting with the second edition, KOSMOS Games in Germany has been in charge of publication with Mayfair Games servicing the United States. Catan won the Game of the Year (Spiel des Jahres) in 1995 and has spawned numerous expansions, spin-offs, and merchandise.


This website is dedicated to the Catan fan community in the United States, United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries. Catan has a huge following in the world but no proper English-language fan site has yet been created to compile fan expansions and variants, translate foreign language material, and publicly discuss the World of Catan.


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This site is therefore a switchboard for various Catan-related material. In the "Forum," discuss the game, rules, variants and house-rules, expansions, spin-offs, and more! Most importantly, collaborate with others to make your idea into an actual, available expansion or variant for others in the Catan community to use. Many aspects of the Traders & Barbarians expansion were created by German Catan fans. This is an outlet for the English fans! All created expansions and variants are posted as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files and available under the "Expansions" and "Variants" menu buttons.


If you just want to read the official rules to games, including translations of foreign-only expansions and spin-offs, go to "Rules" and all you questions will be answered.mountain tile


The World of Catan "Wiki" was created as a one-stop site to define terms, rules, and aspects of the game. It is an ongoing process and needs your help! Feel free to sign up and contribute to the wiki. If you have an expansion or variant idea, feel free to make a page for it, outlining the rules and uploading any image files that are associated with your idea. If you are having problems, post the link on the Forum and ask for help. That's what we're here for.


Finally, "Links" is where all the other great Catan resources are located including international sites, Catan-sponsored products, computer versions of the game, great online stores, and more!


This is a community for the fans, by the fans! Your contributions are necessary to make it great.